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Welcome to the Test Everything! wiki. Here, you are allowed to test anything you like. To do this, first make a page called (your name/the short for your name) Tests. Then you can start creating random templates. Have fun, and remember to follow these guidelines! Have an idea or request? Then go to our Forum or our website's Request booth! To get some ideas, click here.

Since December of 2011, we have written exactly 111 articles and 6,869 edits in total.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Do you like to leave messages on peoples pages? So do we and we would like to ask that our users and guests leave a header on their message so that it can be seen as a new message and not just adding to a message that somo-one else made! Also leave your signature by adding four tildes (~). Thanks!
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Haxorus Main Page likes Haxorus
Created by user Slaying.
User of the Month Interview
Well no User of the month for now.

Q 1: What was it that led you to this wiki?

I created it. XD
Slayingthehalcyon Slendy    21:57,2/17/2013

Q 2: What is your favorite thing to do here?

Build templates like the wiki was built for.
Slayingthehalcyon Slendy    21:57,2/17/2013

Q 3: Of all the templates, which on is your favorite?

The ones I make. XP
Slayingthehalcyon Slendy    21:57,2/17/2013

Q 4: What do you plan on doing this year on Wikia?
Building templates.
Slayingthehalcyon Slendy    21:57,2/17/2013

Q 5: Do you have any best friends on this wiki?
Slayingthehalcyon Slendy    21:57,2/17/2013

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